The new Hotel Alpine Mugon **** is located next to the church of Vason, a stone's throw from the most beautiful mountain hike. With warm and cared environments, the Hotel Mugon is characterized by a beautiful wellness center, over 1,000 square meters, with swimming pool, water games, relaxation areas and everything needed to regain harmony with your body after a day in nature.

Silent and enveloping atmosphere that accompanies the Finnish sauna, the Turkish bath, the chrome therapy room ... and then finish with a relaxing massage. Relaxation, well-being, silence expertly mixed in an unforgettable holiday!


That is movement, relaxation or pampering, Alpine Mugon wellness, by the hotel Alpine Mugon on Monte Bondone, will satisfy you in its 1000 sqm of SPA.

Monte Bondone, the Alp of Trento

Summer on Monte Bondone

The Monte Bondone is also called the Alp of Trento. As the city of Trento is central to its mountain and offers a spectacular panorama of the mountain ranges and peaks of Trentino. It can be discovered in its most beautiful and picturesque spots in the company of Alpine guides or experts to better understand their natural and environmental features, the centuries-old traditions and genuine flavors. The Monte Bondone is the ideal environment for relaxing and entertaining horseback riding, biking paths stimulants or rock climbing. It lends itself to flights heady gliding and paragliding. Of great satisfaction are trips to the mountains that frame the wide green Viote. Here is an example of the bog plain bog of the Alps, rich in plant species of special natural value and invertebrates, as well as the rare water beetle. A must see is the Integral Natural Reserve, where grow more than two thousand species of plants and flowers from the five continents.

Nature, relaxation, fantastic slopes, fun for young people and families.

Winter on Monte Bondone

Downhill skiing, snowboarding and alpine skiing are winter on Monte Bondone. The Monte Bondone is the Alpe di Trento. A few kilometers from the city, is a major ski area easily reached by public transport and the ski bus. Tourist destination in the center of the Adige Valley, Monte Bondone is over 2000 meters and is a natural terrace from which to survey the 360-degree panorama of Trentino, from the Adamello Brenta Dolomites. The ski area offers a modern network of ski lifts and downhill runs on different sides of the mountain, a fun snow park, a functional center of the bottom in the sunny Conca Viote and a system of artificial snow to ensure skiing conditions. You can practice with great satisfaction even ski excursions, especially the mountains that surround the fan Viote.


We make sure that your vacation is full and relaxing at all times, from when you book the room when you get home.


Do not give up the company of your faithful friend,
we welcome you!


On request there is the possibility to arrange your car in the hotel's covered and guarded garage.


Do you want to fully enjoy the last day of your holiday?
Leave your things in the hotel until the afternoon.


To not miss a minute of your holiday, write us what you would like to do and we will organize it for you!


Snow day or excursion?
No problem, we'll prepare your take-out lunch!


Let us know your needs in advance
and pick up your ski pass when you arrive!
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