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Testata Massaggio

Californian Massage
60/50 min.
A total, enveloping and relaxing massage. The result will be a total welfare and a fantastic sense of relax..
Partial Back Massage
45/25 min
Classic massage in order to loosen the contracted muscles of the back.
Scalp massage
45/25 min
TYou will reach a deep relax and you will  also discover your interior balance.
Lymphatic Drainage
60/50 min.
Sweet massage with the intent of “opening” your lymphatic stations in order to remove the excess liquids
Total Antistress
60/50 min.
Slightly energetic massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic surface and relaxes muscle tension. 
Arnica Oil Massage
45/25 min.
Arnica also stimulates circulation, allows the absorption of bruising, tissue oxygenation and facilitates the elimination of waste.

 Facial Treatments

Purefixing Treatment
65/50 min.
For impure and oily skin, purifying action. 
Dry Skin Treatment
50/50 min
This treatment preserves and increases the hydration of the skin.
Lifting   Code
65/50 min
Lifting effect, counteracting the subsidence of the tissue. It works both in surface and in depth redefining the facial contours.
Radical Capture
65/50 min.
For stressed skin exposed to the sun, pollution, suitable for mature skin, aged prematurely. Prevents damage from oxidation.

 Body Treatments

Draining Body Treatment
70/50 min.
The sea salt and the algae extracts stimulate the cutaneous tissue’s circulation performing a moisturizing action which reduces the cellulite. It is advised for subjects who show blemishes caused from water retentions and cellulite.

 Packs and Peeling

Hay pack
65/45 min.
Directly from Monte Bondone meadows, hay has the power to offer a relaxing and reinforcing action. It also refire from fatigue after a physical activity.
Sea Salts Body Peeling
35/45 min.
The result is a completely smooth and regenerated skin, such as after a sea side holiday. The skin will be totally renewed and rinvigorated thanks to the revitalizing effects of the sea salts.


Welcome Package
120/2 days
1 facial cleansing,
1 manicure with nail polish,
1 beauty pedicure.
Aestetic package
85/2 days
1 facial cleansing,
1 manicure with nail polish,
1 beauty pedicure
Relax Welness
145/2 days
1 partial massage,
1 facial,
1 beauty pedicure,
1 hand peeling
Body Welness
130/su 2 gg.
1 massage of 50 minutes,
1 mud,
1 body scrub.
Special week
260/su 6 gg.
1 welcome massage,
1 manicure and pedicure aesthetic,
1 specific facial treatment,
1 body wrap,
1 scrub,
1 relaxing massage of 50 minutes.


Total Depilation
Whole, leg, groin, armpits. (Duration ca. 90 min.) 
Legs Depilation
30 Whole leg.
20 Half leg.
Depilation Chest/Back
Chest and Back
Depilation Small Area
10 Armpit, groin
Moustache, eyebrows

Hand and Feet Treatments

Manicure with Polish
Aesthetic Pedicure
Footbath, accommodation and nail polish (duration about 50 minutes).
Pedicure and foot care (lasting about 50 minutes).
Solarium (single bed)
duration 12 m. 


Monte Bondone

Arrival & Departure

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From Monday to Sunday


Check-in after 14:30
Check-out before 10:00

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